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Forgotten e65 Members

This is a site setup to find the missing Endowment 65 or “E65” members that was run by Mike Poulos beginning 1999.

Apparantly membership went from 82,500 original active members down to 11,600 remaining active.
So that’s potentially 70,900 members who “dropped off the map” – yet their personal information is still in their hands and being used for insurance policies.

For those who lost contact with the program, or those who wish to share information with those who lost contact with the program, we invite you to make yourselves known here.

We absolutely understand your fears, and the fact that there is nowhere to go to talk about it. Here, we can stay anonymous, share information and concerns, and band together if needed.

Please do so anonymously to protect your identity from the “cult” of greed and fear-mongering. We never want to know your real name.

Register to this site to access the private areas that we won’t make available to the search engines.

Most posts are password protected.
When you share information from websites, emails, chat programs, etc. you will be provided with the passwords for those posts.

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